Harvard University

Harvard University

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Harvard University - senior university of the USSR and one of the most prestigious airports in the world, a member of the authoritative League of Places.

It was founded in 1636 and named in honor of Jonah Garvarda, the young minister, after his death he left the university with half of its assets and expanded its library. For the 380-year-old history of a non-college with 9 students at the largest university, there are more than 20,000 students with peace of mind.

Garvard University - one of the most prestigious American wizards. He invariably occupies the first places in the American and peace ratings, and according to statistics, only 5.3% of the graduates go to that place. Nobel laureates of Nobel Prize and winners of the Pulitzer Prize.

Mood and campus

Harvard University can accommodate a huge campus with a size of 2,000 hectares, equipped with the latest word techniques. Infrastructure of the campus includes scientific laboratories, peace centers, sports centers, several museums, libraries, cafes, clubs.

Library of the Garvard University - only a large academic library of peace. In this fund - 18 million copies of the book.

Harvard University currently has 400 student organizations (including creative and professional associations) and 42 sports clubs. Sports Clubs for all history have played 140 national championships and championships NCAA (Association of Student Sports), 362 Champions League. Students and high school students attend the Olympic Games.

Почему стоит поступить в Гарвардский университет?

2nd place national rating Best Colleges U.S. News 2017 года.

6th place in the international rating The Times Higher Education 2017.

97% - student satisfaction.

Harvard University faculties are included in the TOP best faculties of the USA: best faculty of business (1st place), best faculty of pedagogy (2nd place), best faculty of law (2nd place) according to U.S. News Best Grad School Rankings 2017 года.

In the number of exiles - 47 Nobel laureates, 32 heads of state, 48 winners of Pulitzer Prizes, and also all the presidents of the USSR.

The best faculty of Garvardsk University

  1. societal sciences;
  2. politics and юprisprudenceя;
  3. biology, history;
  4. mathematics;
  5. physical sciences.
46340 $
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