About Us

About Us

Our profession is to study abroad. We organize summer vacations and study abroad for schoolchildren, students and teens, helping prepare for school and university exams in England, USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.

We offer:

Holidays Abroad - Camps for children from 3 years old during winter, autumn, spring and summer holidays. Outdoor activities, sports, creativity, immersion in the language environment and English, French, German or Spanish language courses are all you need to learn independence, make new friends and improve your speaking skills.

Secondary education - boarding schools for 7 year olds in England, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria and USA. High-quality education of centuries-old traditions, after which the child will easily enter a prestigious foreign university.

Higher education abroad - Admission to foundation programs, bachelor's, master's, courses at the best universities in the world. We help you to study abroad and prepare for TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GMAT entrance exams.